Director talks about Kamal and Rajini in politics

Director talks about Kamal and Rajini...

Director and Actor, R Parthiepan made a comment yesterday during the press meet of Podhuvaga Emmanasu Thangam that he can directly ask Kamal Haasan if he would join politics, but if it is going to be Rajini, he should first speak to God and then only ask Rajini about it. This comment became controversial, and a section of Rajini fans was disappointed with the answer. On that note, Parthiepan officially released a statement regarding this issue, which is as follows:

“I am a fan of Kamal & Rajini. Moreover, Rajini Sir is a close friend of mine. He has always cared for my growth. He has also insisted Producer Babuji to direct a movie with me in the lead. He was pleased with Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam. During our conversational debates, he used to like and respect my contradictory statements. For example, even when he totally denies my theory - “Whichever temple has no beggars outside of it, is the temple with God inside it," he doesn't look at it with hatred. The statements which were given by me yesterday were just my funny way of saying whatever he has had to say and were not meant to hurt his fans in any way. If that were the intention, it would obviously hurt me too. Wouldn't it? (Look at the first line).

I received this same question, gave the same answer with this same smile last month and had no controversial problems arising. But because of the stage and the place I said it on yesterday, I can sense that it has raised a political debate.

I will definitely support both if they wish to enter politics because both of them need no gain from politics. But having a say on it is an individual's freedom. Since I understand their kindness towards him, I am giving this clarification with all due respect. I pray the almighty that Rajini Sir prays to, that the much awaited day (political entry day) which we have all been waiting for a long time, comes soon.”, concluded Parthiepan.