When the dreamer and leader gets honoured : Dev Patel

When the dreamer and leader gets hono...

Recently, the Asia Society has honoured the young Britain born Indian Actor Dev Patel for his actions toward the poor in India with the Asian Game Changer award for 2017 for the recognition of using his stardom for shedding light on the lives of the poor.

The award has been announced on Tuesday and the President Josette Sheeran said, ‘In a world of challenges it is important to honour the dreamers and leaders, those who take action and those who inspire us to build a better world’.

The Actor had made his ancestral bonds stronger and his Lionheart campaign has raised over $250000 and has reached to many in the slums for building houses for poor children. The society in honour of Patel said that, “His roles in Slumdog Millionaire and Lion has challenged audiences to view poor in India as not teeming, desperate masses but as individuals imbued with hopes, dreams and opportunities”.

The Agha Khan also has honoured with the Asian Game Changer Lifetime Achievement Award this year